Tunnel kiln for Glass and Ceramics
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Tunnel kiln for Glass and Ceramics

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Tunnel kiln used in technological process of heating/firing glass and ceramics are manufactured used high-tech innovative solutions like new generation insulation materials or heat resistant steel, that have high durability, abrasion resistance, and could work in continuous or periodic mode in very high temperature.

Transport system with controlled time of passage of fired/heated products through the kiln, multiple independent heating sections with an innovative heating system based on appropriate correlation of heat transfer passed by convection to radiation makes that our kiln meet the most demanding technological parameters.

  • The standard width of the kiln working chamber:
    300, 600, 1200, 1800 [mm]
  • Height of the working chamber:
    from 120 to 280 [mm] 
  • The length of the furnace:
    from 12 000 to 35 000 [mm]
  • Heating power:
    from 30 kW to 250 kW
  • Fan system:
    in zones with highest temperature the fan parameters are chosen individually to deliver the best possible way to transfer heat by forced convection.

Kilns are designed for specific customer requirements. Parameters like kiln dimensions, the aspects of cooling systems, possibility of heat recovery from process could be easily and fast selected after first consultation.

  • Mode of work:
    Continuous or periodic (with periodic mode, maximum kiln warm-up time up to 30 minutes)
  • Working temperature:
    from 200 oC - 950 oC
  • Transport system:
    Transport net is made from acid-proof or heat resistant materials (the highest resistant grades) with unique weave, that compensate metal thermal expansion and provide long period of kiln life.
  • Control:
    Semi-automatic or automatic based on PLC with visualisation of the process, history of work, alarms, thresholds of access for the operator or process engineer.

Please contact us via the 'Quick inquiry' form, our consultants and developers provide solutions based on 3D visualisation of the kiln together with the necessary calculation of strength, thermal conductivity based on appropriate mathematical and physical models.

Our experience and customised solutions were repeatedly applied in the largest companies in Poland. 

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