Laboratory furnaces for advanced materials
Kanthal, SiC, MoSi2
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Laboratory furnaces for advanced materials

Precision / 300oC, 650oC, 850oC, 1100oC, 1280oC, 1400oC, 1500oC, 1600oC, 1700oC, 1750oC 1800oC


Custom solutions.

Laboratory furnaces have very good uniformity of the temperature inside working chamber, precise temperature measurements equipment, modern controller ensures obtaining the desired parameters of heat treatment process.

Furnaces could be equipped with exhaust gas afterburner, protective atmosphere inside working chamber, unusual way of loading a samples, acquisition of data from firing process or air circulation system.

During the design process of furnaces there are in use aspects of CFD modelling and construction refining and use of modern preliminary checked materials.
Warranty 3-5 years.


New advances in scientific research led our company to create a custom design, dedicated to meet the highest customer needs.

Thanks to continuous collaboration with research facilities, we can develop new solutions to improve the furnace design.

Our furnaces are used by many universities, polytechnics, institutes and development centres.

We help in achieving the objectives of EU projects, research grants and developing the necessary documentation.

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