Bogie heart furnaces for metals
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Bogie heart furnaces for metals

Furnaces with electric heated elements are suitable for carrying of different process of heat treatment of steel to the maximum temperature of 1150[oC].

The construction of furnace is designed to accommodate heavy load.

Two independently heated zones (first zone down + 1/3 height of chamber, second zone 2/3 height of the working chamber).

Automatically opened ventilation chimney.

Electrically driven bogie fitted with plate from heat resistant cast steel that could be loaded by hand, using crane or forklift.

Rails and drive could be embedded into the floor, that solution allow unrestricted access from all side to bogie or kiln.

Precise control, without temperature oscillation, an important parameter in the case of very long process of holding products at the desired temperature. Type of Process Control - PID


Gate lifted up manually using systems of gears, or automatically by hydraulic, pneumatic or electric system.

Increased thickness of the thermal insulation with low thermal conductivity properties.

Elements exposed to aggressive environment are made from heat resistant or stainless steel.

Safety switch off the voltage on the heating elements upon opening the doors. This increase the safety of the device.

Safety circuits meet the highest safety standards.

Low electrical energy consumption.

Ability to precisely achieve the desired temperature.

Long holding time at the desired temperature.

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