Bogie hearth furnace

Bogie hearth furnace

Furnaces with very robust design, suitable for use in highly demanding technological conditions.

Heating elements are placed on specially selected high quality ceramic tubes, very long life is obtained thanks to precisely calculation of heating elements and modular design.

Elements that are exposed to aggressive environment are made from stainless steel.

The ceilings of the furnace is straight that makes optimal use of working chamber.

Double casing (air insulated walls) prevents water condensation during firing process.

Method of furnace loading: electrically or manually.

Manually or electrically opened ventilation hatch.


Precise temperature curve is obtained due to the using precise controller that work on solid state relay (SSR).

Temperature uniformity, 2 or 3 zones control.

Heating elements are partially covered, placed on 5 sides of the working chamber (side walls, doors, underneath the trolley).

The doors open direction: left or right, manually or automatically (process could be programmed on controller).

Parameters acquisition on PC, the controller could have communications port like RS232, RS422/RS485 or USB.

Software WinControl full edition.

Dimension of working chamber from 0.6 to 6 [m3]

Power from 40 to 250 [kW]

More information about the furnace configuration and price quote could be placed by ‘quick inquiry’ form.