Chamber kilns for ceramics

Chamber kilns for ceramics

Professional series


Safety and precision

Chamber furnace is heated by electric elements, that could apply desired process in temperature up to 1300oC in oxidizing atmosphere as: drying, biscuit firing, glaze-fired of products from earthenware, grog, faience, porcelain made by hand or machine and various shapes and sizes, or other products that need special heat treatment.

Due to individual approach and flexible production we are able to made a custom size of furnace that could fit into the room, pass through the doors, stairs, etc. 

Chamber furnaces for ceramics made by our company are sold for more than 400 customers. Our domain is the durability, reliability and ease of use of furnaces.


With an advanced algorithms to verify the accuracy of furnace work, care for the safety and ease of use, trouble free and energy efficient operation, our furnaces have gained enormous popularity amongst schools, laboratories, and educational facilities. 

We provide intensive training on how to operate the furnace and apply proper temperature to fire various materials like clay, grog, faience, enamels etc.

In furnaces we use a well know easy to use controllers from German company Bentrup. Regulators and control components are selected with great care so that the heating system works reliably.

More information are available in product catalogue /pdf/ and by contact form. Our consultants provide professional help with selecting proper kiln for new users. We also provide support for investment co-funded by European Union.

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