Furnaces for fusing and glass bending
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Furnaces for fusing and glass bending

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation with a very low coefficient (0.15 W / mK) of thermal conductivity, made from compressed fiber modules.
The solution provides:
a) low power consumption,
b) ability to quickly reach the required temperature,
c) precise, uniform cooling.


Safety switch off the voltage on the heating elements upon opening the doors. This increase the safety of the device. Heating elements are covered with pipes from SiO2


Construction – fixed or movable table (additional option).

The heating elements are placed on the top of the working chamber in quartz glass tubes – that solutions provide heat transport by radiation, even from very low temperatures.

Elements of contruction that working in high temperatures are made of heat resistant and stainless steel.

Lining the bottom of the chamber is flat, made from fiber materials with low heat accumulation ability that eliminate the difference of thermal expansion of ceramic materials and glass. 

Maximum working temperature. 950oC


The ventilation system is placed on either side of working chamber made from ceramic elements.

Precise and easy opening – the direction of opening is up (with support from pneumatic actuators, option to open hydraulically or by electric drive).

Elements of furnaces are painted using powder coatings.


Precise control, without temperature oscillation, an important parameter in the case of very long process of holding products at the desired temperature.

Temperature controller from reputable company Bentroup TC66 Compact Perfection-SSR with a very easy and precise control, information about errors, signaling damage of the thermocouple and continuation of the process after a power outage.

Type of process control - PID

Thermocouple type K (NiCr-NiAl)

Advanced, fast and quiet control (SSR) – Solid-state relay;

Quick installation

Connecting of the furnace at its destination is solved in 'Plug and Play' philosphy.  DEVICE IS READY TO WORK

The auto tune function (controllers model TC88/TC88e) – is the ability of controller to automatically adjust the working conditions of the furnace, depending on the type of heated materials, the characteristic of the process technology. The PID control output reacts according to the three parameters: Proportional, Integral and Derivative. The values of these parameters affect the delivery of appropriate amounts of power to maintain the temperature at the reference signal without oscillations. For a stable work the values of these three parameters must be tuned to the characteristics of a regulated process. In the Bentroup company controllers this function is performed automatically used advanced self-tuning algorithm.

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