Furnaces for aluminum with TermoTurbulence Kepka system
Heat treatment of aluminum
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Furnaces for aluminum with TermoTurbulence Kepka system

Insulation - Compressed RCF Kepka 

Insulation – very low thermal conductivity (0.14 W/mK for 600oC).

Solution provides:
a) low power consuption,
b) ability to quickly achieve the required temperature
c) resistance to thermal shock
d) hydrophobe material – problem of water absorption is eliminated

Thermal insulation is made from innovative new generation fiber material that combined with special plate, create composite with very high insulation

The furnace design combined with air insulation of housing, reduce heat losses and thermal bridges – especially visible when using thermographic camera.


Furnaces designed to work in temperature range from 100oC to 950oC

furnaces with boogie heart, top loading, construction of 'drop - bottom' type, furnaces with continuous type of work - tunnel kiln, furnaces that meet AMS2750D norm

Precision of measurements and furnace controls -  various systems are selected on individual basis.


System TermoTurbulence Kepka™

Special case of air flow system inside the working chamber + custom design of the rotors, from the heat resistant steel adapted for continuous operation at temperatures above 1000oC results in increased resistance to creep.That ensures to maintain the same performance parameters, compressions, rotor balancing, quiet and reliable operation for a very long time - the parameters that are often not taken into account when having a significant impact on the stability of work of the entire furnaces over the period of several years.

Electrical engines are manufactured according to special technical assumptions - extended axis, custom parameters of electrical coil, additional cooling fan, bearings with improved properties of working in high temperatures, additional heat sink on the engine axis ensures quiet, stable operation for several years.

Heating elements are covered in such way that any part of surface of heated elements  are not exposed to direct radiation.

Air flow - TermoTurbulence Kepka guarantees reliable and uniform heat distribution throughout the entire chamber, regardless of shape, thickness, size and location of heated items, with the eliminations of zones without flow conditions. Laminar flow with very low pressure of hot air. Possibility to adapt all necessary flow parameters during the first run of the furnace, taking into account a number of other factors that are unknown until the end of the designing and construction process of prototype or single unit.